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Music Production

Full service music production is the process of tracking, editing, and mixing your project. Also, it often includes preproduction, arrangement, songwriting, and musical execution. Track Six, through the course of time, has developed an affinity for all things rock. We have vast experience in the genres of Metal, Punk, and Rock. Don't get us wrong, we are confident we can meet any genre, or musical style needs. Time needed often varies based on many project details. Those can include but are not limited to; genre, musical intricacy, members or musicians required, desired outcome, and budget. For a personal quote, head over to our contact page and get in touch with us!


Mixing, the final step in the music production process (we know...mastering, we consider that post production) involves combining many source tracks down to a powerful, detailed, and articulate stereo master file. This often involves equalization, compression, limiting, phase correction, effects, pitch correction, time alignment or tightening, and more. This is the perfect option for those that love to track at home in the comfort of your own studio or recording setup, allowing you to achieve a far superior product for a substantial cost savings over full music production. This is also a great option for those that have a finished project where the mixes are just not keeping up with your personal standard. Mixing costs can sway greatly upon three simple variables. One, amount of editing required. Two, amount of editing required. Three, amount of editing required. Contact us with your project details and let's get your mixes started!

Drum Tracking

Let's be honest here, drum tracking is hard! To capture that big dynamic sound requires experience and musical understanding. Track Six has both, and can help you achieve a better foundation for your home recording. Want that tight sound for your bands home project, this is the most cost effective way to improve your finished project. We can deliver finished drum tracks either played by our staff or session player, or your drummer. Deliver us scratch or finished files, and get back great drum tracks ready for mixing. We can even make major improvements to older drum tracks and home recorded drum tracks, just send us the files. For complete information and a custom personalized pricing quote, hit up the contact page and get in touch with us!

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