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GWAZI on WRUW 91.1

Spent the whole day working on drums for Army Of Athens! After, I paid a visit to WRUW 91.1 FM, college radio for my own studio project, GWAZI, which is releasing our second ep, and fourth studio project, Left, this Friday April 21st. 

We were on the Radio Child show heard from 12 am to 2 am Saturday night but actually Sunday morning. We celebrated zombie jesus day by giving the world its first listen to the new EP.

We also got to tour and check out the nearly 50 year old vinyl collection...truly amazing, check it out!

This is only one of about 5 or 6 sections, it is truly astounding how much music is in the WRUW 91.1 collection.

GWAZI left is being released via Jib Machine Records. This Friday, Black Market and Jib Machine Records our having a listening party from 7pm until 9pm. Black Market is located in the Gordan Square district of Cleveland's west side.

All four tracks from left will be available digitally, each with their own song specific artwork, starting Monday with Godless, Tuesday is Fallout, Wednesday brings Foundation, and Thursday we unleash $0R0$. Hope to see you at the Black Market this Friday!

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