• Brandon Youngs

Visiting some music from our past!

Enjoy these videos of some of the great music I have helped to create over my two decades of audio and music production! Let's start with a, now defunct, metal band from Tennessee, With Faith Or Flames. The tracks Continuum/Power of the Morning Star are featured here, taken from their Stand And Deliver Records release A Conquest Triumphant.

Next, I bring you, Cleveland to Las Angeles transplant, Icarus Landing, and their track Call To You. This track was mastered by Howie Weinberg,

Last, but not least, the one and only Hot Ham & Cheese. Featured here is the song Mary, taken from their Jib Machine Records release Wake Part 1.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed.

...and a bonus from the way back machine... Blindside Blues Band with a cover of Freedom!

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