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Finished a great weekend with the omish. A couple more details and these tracks will be re

Music Production

Music Production is the tracking of instruments and other elements of music. This could be for a band, solo artist, or even custom music written for your specific needs.


Sound Design

Movies, videos, video games, or even music, we can provide you with custom Foley, music beds, dynamic effects, and original content to help ensure a unique and memorable user experience.

Finished up #guitars yesterday, started #vocals today! #rolljib #tsr #t6r #schecter #boss

Graphic Design

Be it album art, concert flyers, cd layouts, cassette inserts, or t-shirts. Track Six has many capabilities within the graphical realm, allow us to present your concept through design.



Mixing is the assembly of the individual tracks or instruments into a final stereo file. This often includes eq, compression, limiting, reverb, delay, and other various audio tools.

Control Room From Rear_edited.jpg


We can offer many services to help you create your professional podcast. From full production to basic editing, our skill and passion will take your podcast to the next level.

Live Room Southeast.jpg

Website Design

We offer basic yet professional web design, directed primarily at artist, bands, and small businesses. We have built stores, blogs, music promo, and more, to your specifications.


Drum Production

It's 2021, technology has come a long way and has opened huge doors for recording at home, but drums take experience to capture. Start your project with us and create a solid foundation.

This #engl just crushes! So much definition while still having gain for days! #amazing #ve


Be it commercials, demo work, audio books, auditions, on hold messaging, voice mail, GPS, or online vocal content, Track Six is equipped to handle all of your production needs.

Control Room Angle 1.jpg

Digital Editing

Over the past 24 years we have learned to take advantage of the modern editing tools afforded by advanced computer systems. We can correct virtually anything from timing to pitch.



Considered the final step in the music world, we have the experience to apply the proper techniques to bring your project to a professional and polished final product.

Night off with the wife...jpg


We offer restoration services for old or damaged recordings. You could also consider this a transfer service. The incredible tools afforded by the modern d.a.w. often amaze us.


Audio system design, acoustic design, audio production advice and education, and more can be achieved through private consultations. Let our knowledge improve your audio.

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